Genital Herpes Facts

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Genital herpes facts need to be talked about and shared with those around you. There are many myths about herpes that people believe so much so that they do not get; the help that they need for this condition.  For many people, the risk for infection from the herpes virus is very high.Today, it is estimated that one in six people is infected with the virus but that only a small fraction know that they are. What’s more, it may be very easy for them to pass it on to someone else without realizing it.While genital herpes itself is not directly life threatening, unless there are complications to it, it is a very painful, emotionally scaring disease that can be prevented or treated with proper medical care .

Frequently Asked Questions

In an effort to answer some of the most common questions about herpes and to provide more genital herpes facts, consider these.

What are the genital herpes risk factors?

Risk factors for herpes are very hard to determine. It only takes exposure to the disease to cause you to contract it. More specifically, if you do not have herpes but have contact with someone that does, where your skin touches their infected skin area, most commonly the genital area, then you can contract the illness. For this reason, your highest risk factor is that of being intimate with someone that has the genital herpes virus , called Herpes Simplex Virus.

What are herpes signs?

Perhaps the most likely sign of herpes is that of the herpes rash . The rash starts out as a red and swollen area which itches and becomes inflamed. Within a matter of days, there are small red bumps that later become blisters. The blisters are filled with a white fluid. In a few more days, the blisters break open causing open sores on the skin. In genital herpes, these are found on the urethra, the vagina, the scrotum and the surrounding area.

But, remember that outbreaks are not the only time when the herpes simplex virus is present. The fact is that the disease is lying dormant in your body even when you do not have an outbreak. During this time, it is harder to pass it on to someone else, but it can still be done. Even worse, you may find that the herpes signs during this time are none, so there is no way to know 100 percent sure that your new partner is not a HSV 2 patient.

What happens with genital herpes and pregnancy?

If you are pregnant and have genital herpes , if there is an outbreak at the time of birth, your child could contract the disease and they themselves could later infect others. If you are pregnant, it is important for you to talk with your doctor about the condition as well as how you can prevent your children from becoming victim to it.

What methods of genital herpes prevention work?

There are many ways to take advantage of herpes prevention . Since there is no cure for this disease , it is increasingly important for individuals to get the help that they need through carefully monitoring who they are intimate with. In addition, condoms can help, though there is no guarantee that this type of herpes prevention will be full proof methods.

Knowing these general genital herpes facts can help you to prevent yourself from contracting the disease. While herpes prevention should be paramount to anyone that is sexually active, it is also just as important to seek out medical treatment and diagnosis if you think that you could be pregnant.


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