Genital Herpes Medicine

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Genital herpes medicine is an effective tool required for those that are facing the herpes simplex virus.  There are many cases in which individuals are facing this disease and the numbers are rising.It is estimated that one in every four women that is sexually active has the genital herpes virus, known as HSV 2 .  What’s more, the HSV virus in total is infecting one out of every six people.  Millions are infected and because it is so easy to spread the disease from person to person, there does not look to be any way of slowing the disease down.  That is until people get the herpes simplex medications that they need.

Genital Herpes Prevention

While herpes medications are important and they do work very well, there is no better medicine than prevention.  In order to prevent the spread of herpes, those that have it must take extra precautions.  They must know when they have an outbreak of the disease .  They should also know that they can not have intimate contact with others during this time and always take precautions regarding herpes such as wearing a condom at all times.

In addition, those that do not have genital herpes can still get the herpes prevention that they need.  Learn what herpes rashes look like.  You can use a picture of herpes to help you.  If you are with someone that has cold sores or fever blisters on their mouth this may be a form of oral herpes called herpes labialis .  Those that have this type of the disease should not kiss others or share utensils with them during an outbreak.

Medications And How They Work

Herpes simplex medicine is available in several forms, all of which offers a unique way to help individuals to overcome their symptoms of herpes .  There is no cure for herpes and that means that the only treatment option available is through the help of herpes medication.  The type of medications given for herpes is antiviral drugs.  They help to keep individuals free of symptoms for a longer period of time.  They also make outbreaks of herpes less severe when they do happen.  What’s more, they can help keep you from spreading the disease as readily to others.

There are three frequently used drugs for this reason.  To treat genital herpes symptoms, doctors often prescribe one of the following.

  • Acyclovir under the brand name of Zovirax is one medication
  • Famciclovir under the brand name of Famvir is another medication
  • Valacyclovir under the brand name of Valtrex is a third commonly used medication.

Each of these are give to the patient in the form of a pill.  But, if there is a serious infection which could be life threatening, acyclovir can be given to patients through an IV.  In most cases, doctors will recommend that you avoid formulas and ointments for the treatment of herpes symptoms .

In most cases, doctors will give you medications to keep on hand for your herpes outbreaks .  These herpes simplex medicine treatments can then be taken at the beginning of an outbreak.  Other times, doctors can give you a low dose of medication regularly which will help to limit the number of outbreaks that you have, even preventing some of them from happening.  Working with your doctor you can determine the best treatment for herpes for you.

Treatment options for herpes simplex in children will require specialized dosing and medication.  Your doctor will determine what the proper genital herpes or oral herpes medication that is right for you.  Genital herpes medicine can not cure the condition, but it can greatly improve your quality of life as you live with herpes.


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