Genital Herpes Pics

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Genital herpes pics are a great way to find out if you are facing this virus.  Herpes is caused by a virus known as Herpes Simplex Virus .It is a virus that is transmitted from one person to the next person through sexual intercourse.  Those that are facing this condition are most likely to experience intense pain and frustration as it can be an embarrassing condition to have.  Yet, many people do not get the help that they need because they do not know that they do have genital herpes .  With the help of genital herpes images you can determine if you could be suffering from herpes and then seek out the appropriate help for your condition.

What Pictures Will Tell

Genital herpes affects both men and women .  It can infect anyone that comes into contact with another person that is infected with the virusMale genital herpes usually occurs on the penis, the scrotum and the area surrounding it.  Female herpes happens in and on the vagina and its walls , and the surrounding area.  Both men and women can experience herpes outbreaks in the anal region as well.  In addition to being found in the genital region, the herpes virus can also spread to the mouth if oral contact with an infected person is made.

By using pictures of herpes , you can often see what the outbreaks look like.  An outbreak is a time period when the herpes virus is active.  During this type, the most genital herpes symptoms will be present.  You can see this in the genital herpes pics available.  Symptoms of herpes during an outbreak are most evident.  This is when the body has obvious sores in the genital region.  The sores are swollen areas of the tissues that are red and painful.  This irritated region develops into blisters that often have a puss filled center or head on them.  The blisters itch and eventually they will break open.  Once they open up, they will dry out and scab over.  This can help them to finally heal, though it can take several days for that to happen.

Genital herpes sores look like open wounds on the skin, similar to an infection would look on any other region of your body.  Male genital herpes sores can be on the penis and the surrounding tissue and may look deeper than they are.  Female genital herpes sores are the same, with deeper coloring often.  These pictures of herpes are often a good indication of what the outbreak will look like, but they do not tell the whole story.

What To Do?

If after looking at these herpes photos you feel that you may be experiencing the virus yourself or perhaps your partner is, it is necessary to seek out your doctor’s help.  Your doctor will run several herpes tests to determine if you have the condition.  This does not take too long and it helps to give you a straight answer.  Once your doctor determines that you are facing herpes, the right treatment for herpes can be started.  This can include medications that make the herpes virus much less likely to spread and to have outbreaks.  There is no cure for herpes , but with medication and treatment you can see improved health effects quickly.

Use genital herpes pics to help you to know if you could be suffering from this condition.  Do realize, though, that some people that have herpes do not have any symptoms of herpes that are present.  Your genital region can remain healthy and without sign until the virus becomes active, which can happen infrequently or frequently.


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