Genital Herpes Pictures

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What Does Genital Herpes Look Like?

If you may have been exposed to genital herpes , having genital herpes pictures available to you can help you to understand if you could have contracted this virus.It is important for anyone to know if they are at risk for genital herpes and how they can overcome the condition.  Unfortunately, there is no herpes cure , but there is help available to those that need it.  The first step is determining if you have this condition and if so what to do about it.  You can use the pictures here to help you to see if the outbreak you are having is one that is similar to genital herpes.  If you are in pain, be sure to contact your doctor right away to start treatment options.

Herpes Facts

Could you have contracted herpes?  If you have had sexual relations with someone that has a herpes outbreak that is active, it is likely that you have picked up the virus itself.  If you have had sexual relations with someone that has inactive herpes, where there is no current outbreak, the chances of picking up the virus at this time are much lower.  Oral sex can cause oral herpes , which is just as painful and troublesome as genital herpes.  Female genital herpes and male genital herpes have the same symptoms.  Children can also have symptoms of herpes and should be taken to the doctor as soon as possible for diagnosis.

Symptoms Of Herpes

By using genital herpes photos you can find out if the outbreak that you are facing is similar to what happens when a person has contracted the herpes simplex virus, or HSV .  The symptoms of genital herpes often change depending on what stage of the virus’s outbreak you are in.  Sometimes, there are no symptoms because the virus is inactive, though it remains in your body.  When an outbreak happens, the symptoms will show.  This usually starts with irritated, red skin on the vagina, penis, scrotum, anus and the surrounding area.  The irritated skin is red and can become swollen.  Blisters will develop here that will be filled with fluid.  What the genital herpes pics do not show is the pain that accompanies these outbreaks.  These are very painful and often itch very badly too.

In the next genital herpes pictures of the next stage you can see that the blisters break open causing sores on the tissues in the genital area.  The sores will then heal over with a scab until the skin underneath returns to its normal look.  The pain subsides and you feel healthy again even though the virus is still in your body, though inactive.

The signs of herpes can be different from one person to the next.  If you have sexual relations with anyone that has open sores, red bumps or other irritations in the area, you can put yourself at risk for contracting a sexually transmitted disease.  What is important to know is that many people that have genital herpes do not realize that they have it and are likely not to show any symptoms during most of their lives.  Outbreaks can become infrequent.  Yet, when you contract the herpes virus yourself, you could have a much more intensified experience.

Knowing what the genital herpes virus looks like is important.  It can help you to know when to seek out help for your condition and how to know when your partner may also be suffering from it.  Female genital herpes and male genital herpes are common sexually transmitted viruses that are life altering .  Use pictures to give you a heads up, but always seek out the help of your doctor as soon as possible.


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