Genital Herpes Treatment

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Herpes Cure and Remedy

The good news is that there are many genital herpes treatment options available to those that are suffering from this condition.  The bad news is that there is no cure for herpes and that it becomes a life long journey that individuals must learn to live with .Depending on the severity of your symptoms of herpes and the body’s ability to hold back outbreaks, your herpes treatment will be based accordingly.  The best way to overcome the pain and suffering that accompanies genital herpes is to work closely with your doctor and his plan for you.

Testing For Herpes

Before your doctor can administer any type of herpes treatment, he must first be sure that you have this virus, known as the HSV virus .  There are two forms of this virus, both of which contribute to the same symptoms of herpes.  Herpes 1 and Herpes 2 will be tested for.  Once the doctor knows that type of herpes you have, and that you have the virus itself, he can work at providing the right treatment for you.  To test for herpes , your doctor will use blood tests , a physical examine to look at the physical signs of herpes and he will weigh the risk factors for herpes that you have personally.

Once determining that you have the virus, he will then talk to you about what it means.  Testing for herpes is always step one.  If you want to know, “what does herpes look like ,” then take the time to look at the herpes photos so that you know when you should seek doctor help.

What’s The Treatment?

There is no cure for herpes.  Neither oral herpes nor genital herpes can be totally forgotten about.  Yet, there are several options that your doctor can offer to help minimize the number of times you experience and outbreak, and to reduce the intensity of these outbreaks on your system.  Genital herpes medication can be given orally to you.  This type of genital herpes medicine is an antiviral medication.  Some of the most commonly used for herpes include acyclovir (known as Zovirax ,) famciclovir (known as Famvir ) and valacyclovir (known as Valtrex .)  These medications can help to improve your overall daily life with genital herpes.

These medications work in many ways.  One thing that they all do is help to target outbreaks quickly so that the open sores from genital herpes can be healed over faster.  These medications also work to provide you with more time between outbreaks.  Reducing the frequency of relapses is very important in day to day living for those that are facing genital herpes .

These medications for herpes are often taken daily, in various dosage sizes.  Those that take them regularly, as directed are likely to see significant improvements in their overall health.   Always follow the recommended dosage that your doctor recommends to get real benefits.

Another benefit of taking genital herpes medications as a treatment is that they can help to lower your chances of passing on the condition to your partner.  While they are never 100 percent safeguarded through these medications, they are far less likely to contract genital herpes if you are taking medications and are not experiencing an outbreak.

One of the most difficult things for those facing genital herpes is that there is no cure.  But, living with herpes is made easier through the effective help that these herpes treatments can offer.  They improve your overall health and well being and help you to feel as if you are living a normal life.  Male and female herpes can be improved greatly with the helps of these medications.  Consider what your doctor can offer you in terms of testing and then treatment for your condition.  Most patients see improvement right away from the pain and sores that they are facing.


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