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What Is Genital Herpes?

Genital herpes is a condition that is serious, incurable, and often times painful for those that suffer from it.  Understanding genital herpes facts will help you to avoid the overall experience and helps you to know when to get help .Herpes is a highly contagious disease that is spread through sexual activity.  Those that suffer from this condition will experience itching, pain, burning and sores in the genital region.  Those that may be experiencing these symptoms of herpes should seek out the help of their doctors as soon as possible.  While there is no cure to the condition , there are various treatments available as well as methods to relieve the pain.

What Causes Herpes?

Genital herpes risk factors can be many.  Medically speaking, the cause of herpes is that virus known as Simplex Virus , or sometimes HSV.  The virus enters into the body through very small breaks or cuts in the skin.  It can also enter through mucous membranes.  Because this is so small, you will not feel or notice a thing during this interaction.  Sexual conduct in some form, is the main way that the simplex virus spreads.  Unfortunately, it may be difficult for you to know when you are at the largest risk for contracting the condition because the other individual may not be exhibiting any signs or symptoms of herpes at that time.

Who Can Get It?

Genital herpes is common, as one of the leading sexually transmitted diseases today.  It is found in both men and women .  The genital herpes risk factors state that you are likely to have the virus at a risk of every one in six teenagers or adults.  This statistic is given by one of the leading agencies working on finding a cure for herpes , called the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention located in the United States.

What About A Genital Herpes Cure?

Right now, there are no cures for genital herpes.  The condition is an infection that will come and go, seeming to improve and then reoccurring months later.  There are several ways that the condition can be treated though, which helps to lower your risk of spreading the condition as well as the amount of time your body is fighting the active virus.  Medications for genital herpes can help to reduce your symptoms and improve your overall day to day life .  In fact, most people that have the condition, and get help for it, will lead regular, healthy lives.  This includes healthy sexual lives.  There is no reason to stop having sex or to avoid becoming involved with other people.  Instead, work on learning how to overcome the condition, and how to live with herpes so that your partner is not at risk for it.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to get the Genital Herpes Facts !  Know what the truth is, instead of what rumors are.  It is extremely important for you to understand the details of this condition.  For example, children herpes conditions are out there.  Can you avoid passing the condition on to your child when you are pregnantGenital herpes tests can help you to know the facts right from the start.

Those that may have a partner that has genital herpes , or those that are considering protecting others from the herpes they are facing can do so.  The key is to know how to spread herpes and how to avoid doing so.  Most importantly, living with herpes often means living with embarrassment as well as emotional trauma.  With the help of the medical profession, you can improve the quality of your life even if you are suffering from genital herpes.


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