Herpes Simplex Virus

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What Is Simplex Virus?

Herpes Simples Virus is more commonly known as genital herpes.  It is also known as HSV.  There are two forms of this virus, Herpes 1, or HSV 1 and Herpes 2, HSV 2 .Each of these conditions is based on the same type of virus that enters the body through mucus membranes or small tears in the skin.  It is often passed from one person to the next through sexual activity.  In all cases, the condition is a life time event, because there is no cure for herpes .  If you are suffering from this condition, or believe that your partner is, seeking out medical attention is a very important step to take.  There is no cure for herpes, but there is help out there.

Symptoms Of Genital Herpes

Do you have herpes?  If you are unsure, consider the physical symptoms of herpes .  The symptoms of genital herpes and oral herpes are both similar.  During an outbreak of the virus , the skin becomes irritated and inflamed.  In a few days it can then turn into red bumps that will burn and itch.  Blisters quickly form here and they are generally filled with a liquid.  Once these blisters break open, the area becomes a large, open sore that is incredibly painful to the individual.  Eventually, the open sores will heal over and form scabs that will later fall off.  At this point, the herpes virus has gone into remission and is hidden well inside your nerves.

You may remain symptom free for many months or longer, until the virus becomes active again.  Doctors are not sure what can make the process last longer or what will draw out the condition in other people.  Yet, they do know that stress and a poor diet can lead to more frequent outbreaks.  All outbreaks are painful, itchy and red.  They are generally embarrassing, too.

The only way to know if you have genital herpes is to have a genital herpes testTesting for genital herpes is simple and straightforward, usually involving a physical examine as well as a blood test.  You can use herpes pictures to help you to determine if you are suffering from the condition or not, but a picture can not provide the same help that your doctor will.  It also is important to know your sexual partners and if they too are suffering from herpes.  Many times, they may pass it to you without an outbreak occurring and therefore no warning for you.

Your doctor will then recommend herpes treatment options for those that do find themselves struggling with this condition.  Herpes in children is rarer, but possible.  Female herpes and male herpes are common and are found in individuals as young as their teens.  For this reason, consider protecting yourself .

Perhaps the most difficult thing for those that have been diagnosised with genital herpes is to know that there is no cure for the condition .  Yet, through the help of your doctor, nearly all of the symptoms of herpes can be removed from your life.  The herpes virus can become something you do not think about.  In many people, the length of time between outbreaks can be lengthened through the help of medication.  Living with genital herpes can be made easier, even if it can not be taken away from you.

Those suffering from genital herpes should consider what the virus is doing to their day to day lives and then to seek help.  The herpes simplex virus is a serious one that can cause pain and discomfort throughout your life.  Know the symptoms of genital herpes so that you can work on improving the way that you live your life.


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