Herpes Sores

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What Do They Look And Feel Like?

Herpes sores are one of the worst parts of those that have the herpes simplex virus.  HSV, as it is called, is a disease that targets specific regions of the body, depending on what form of the disease you have.Yet, one thing is the same from one of these types to the next.  The herpes rash that they produce is very painful, uncomfortable, itchy and embarrassing to those that have them.  The best way for you to overcome this condition is to know that there is help stemming from the various medical treatments that are available today.  Some of these treatments can even reduce the amount of time that you have to deal with herpes sores.

What Is Herpes?

From genital herpes pictures , you can determine if you may have contracted the herpes virus , though a professional diagnosis of the disease is important to have.  The herpes virus is a sexually transmitted disease that is infecting millions of people around the world.  It is easily spread from one person to another when someone comes into contact with an infected person’s skin during an outbreak.  There are two types of the disease, herpes simplex virus 1, and herpes simplex virus 2.  They are only slightly different but both produce the painful herpes sores that are common with this condition.

Herpes sores are the most obvious of the genital herpes symptomsOther symptoms can include fever, headache and muscle aches as your body fights off this infection.  In mouth herpes, or oral herpes (HSV 1) the symptoms of herpes include a rash that forms on the mouth, throat, lips and the face surrounding the mouth.  In genital herpes, which affects the genital region of the body, called HSV 2, the symptoms of herpes are evident as sores that form on the genital organs, the anus as well as the surrounding area.

The Cycle Of Sores

The herpes rash starts out as a rash that is simply red, small and bumpy.  Over the next few days, the outbreak develops further in which the bumps turn into full blown blisters with a head filled with fluid.  From here, the blisters break open, usually several days after forming, and the sores are formed.  The sores will remain from a various amount of time, and then will dry out, scab over and heal fully.  Finally, the herpes simplex virus then goes into its inactive phase.  There is no way to know how much time will elapse between one outbreak and the next.  Most people will suffer from an outbreak within the first month of contracting the disease.  For some, they will not resurface, but for most additional outbreaks will happen at various frequencies throughout life.

Reducing The Occurrence

From photos of herpes , you can tell that this is a very painful condition.  If you believe that you have it, you should visit your doctor who, through a herpes blood test and culture, will determine if you are suffering from this disease and then provide you with medication.  Herpes medication works to limit the number of outbreaks that you have by keeping the virus dormant as long as possible.  Should an outbreak happen, the herpes rash will be less severe and painful.  In addition, fewer outbreaks of the herpes sores means a lessened risk of passing on the condition to those that you are intimate with.

Learning what herpes is and how to prevent the onset of herpes sores can help you to improve your daily life even with this condition.  For most people, treatment is effective at allowing you to do this.  A herpes rash is also a reason to visit your doctor to talk about your sexual activity and its safety.


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