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Oral Herpes

Labialis is a term used to describe the Herpes simplex virus when it is infecting the mouth region of the body.  HSV, or herpes simplex virus is also known for causing genital herpes.Both conditions are incurable.  Labialis is characterized in the cold sores that are often called fever blisters that show up on the face, mouth or the throat of those experiencing an outbreak.  Those that could be suffering from this condition should seek out the help of their doctor so that they can reduce the number of outbreaks they have as well as lessening the intensity of them.

Oral and genital herpes is a growingly common disease that there is help for.

Symptoms Of Labialis

Sometimes called oral herpes or mouth herpes, the condition is characterized by its symptoms.  Usually, the first physical signs of the disease are small blisters that form on the lips as well as on the outer edge of the lip and mouth area.  These blisters are often filled with fluid and are itchy.  They can also be red and very irritated.  The inflamed skin is sensitive to the touch.  Usually, they will go through a cycle.  First the virus presents itself as an inflamed area of the skin often red and slightly swollen.  Within days, blisters form in these areas.  The blisters will eventually break open, and the fluid will dry out.  Then, these sores will scab over until they heal completely.

Additional symptoms of herpes labialis include fever, sore throat and swollen lymph glands.  Many times, the body will experience symptoms similar to that of fighting off any other infection.
There are two types of the herpes virus.  HSV 1 and HSV 2 are the two distinctions.  Both types of the virus can cause oral herpes to be present as well as cause genital herpes.  Your doctor will use herpes testing to determine which you have.

How Does It Spread?

The herpes virus spreads when contact is made with a person that has the virus to a person that does not.  Genital herpes most commonly spreads through sexual intercourse or contact with the genitals of an infected person.  Oral herpes can be gotten from having oral sex when an individual’s genitals have an outbreak of the virus .  In addition, herpes liabialis can be spread through kissing a person that has the virus, sharing utensils with someone that has an outbreak or through other contact with the infected skin during an outbreak.  In addition, doctors believe that the herpes simplex virus can spread when the individual is not experiencing an outbreak, though the risk of spreading herpes then is much less.

How Is Herpes Treated?

Herpes medicine is used to treat the condition .  There is no cure for liabialis or genital herpes.  Medications given to the patient can help to reduce the number of outbreaks that they have and reduce the intensity of those outbreaks they do have.  This can also lessen the risk of passing the condition on to someone else.  The herpes virus also has a herpes vaccine which can help individuals to prevent themselves from getting the disease.

If you believe that you could be suffering from any of the symptoms of labialis or herpes of the mouth, it is essential to seek out medical attention for it.  It is easy to spread the herpes virus.  Take the time to use pics of herpes to help you to determine if you could have the signs of the virus.  Simple cold sores can be easily spread from person to person, including to children.  With herpes medicine you reduce the risk of infecting someone else and get relief that is nearly always needed.


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