Living With Genital Herpes

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How To Protect Yourself

Are you living with genital herpes? Genital herpes prevention is an important topic to talk about within your family and with anyone that is or will be sexually active. This virus infects millions of people every year.  One out of every six people that is sexually active as teenagers or older are likely to be infected with herpes.

Both forms of the herpes simplex virus are seriously contagious and can cause life changing effects on your daily life.

For this reason, learn how to protect yourself from herpes exposure.

Herpes Facts

Here are a few quick herpes factsthat you need to know so that you can understand how this virus passes from one person to the next.

  • When you have a herpes outbreak, or herpes rash, you are most likely to be able to spread the disease to someone else.
  • All you need to do is come in contact with someone that has HSV in their effected region to pick up the disease yourself.
  • Herpes is contagious even when you have no signs of herpes .  This simply means that the virus is in its dormant or inactive phase.
  • Anyone that is sexually active with even one partner should have herpes testing done to determine if they are at risk of spreading herpes to others.
  • It can infect anyone.  Herpes in females and herpes in males are most common.  Yet, herpes in children is possible as well.  They can get it the same way adults can.  For example, oral herpes can be passed by sharing a toothbrush with an infected person. Talk to your doctor about pregnancy and herpes and testing for herpes in your new baby.
  • There is no herpes cure , even though there are many herpes vaccines in the works today.  There is no active herpes vaccine that can be disturbed to protect you or your family from this illness.
  • Couples living with herpes do not have to share it between them through careful prevention.

These quick herpes facts are important to know.  Now, consider how you can protect yourself from herpes .

The best way to protect yourself from herpes is to simply avoid having sexual relations with anyone that has the virus.  This means not engaging in any type of physical contact which puts your skin in contact to their infected skin.  Both genital herpes and oral herpes can be spread very quickly just from coming in contact with the outbreak or herpes rash that happens.  Herpes outbreaks can happen at any time.  Monitor for the herpes outbreak .

With that said, it can be very difficult to do this in an intimate relationship.  The good news is that there are additional genital herpes prevention methods that you can use.  For one, the use of a latex condom can help.  While it can not completely protect you because not all of the possible infected skin is covered, it gives you more protection.

Another way to get the most prevention from the disease is to be sure that the person that you are intimate with is taking their herpes medications .  These antiviral medications help to keep the number of outbreaks to a minimum; by doing that they can reduce the amount of time that you are seriously at risk for spreading herpes to others.  These medications for herpes are working to help those with herpes to have long, happy and normal lives.

Still, there are other ways to protect yourself such as avoiding intimate contact with those that have an active herpes infection.  What is important is to stay education about herpes.  Having herpes information and knowing if and when the herpes vaccine is available can help you to ultimate find yourself in a much safer position.  Instead of asking, what is genital herpes , know what it is and know how to prevent becoming infected by it or spreading it to others.  These herpes facts should be shared.


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