The Herpes Vaccine

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Is Herpes Vaccine Available?

Although a herpes vaccine will help many women, men and children prevent herpes, the fact is that there is no real vaccine available right now.There are several companies and organizations working on providing a vaccine for the herpes virus, but to this point, there has not been one that has been shown effective across the board, nor that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States.  The good news is that doctors are getting closer and closer to reaching this point.

What Is Herpes?

Herpes is cause by the virus Herpes Simplex Virus which is also called HSV.  There are two types of the virus:  herpes 1 and herpes 2 .  There is no cure for either of these conditions.  The herpes virus is one that doctors are still learning about, even though millions of people still have the condition.  Their efforts are to understand how the disease works and what triggers an outbreak .  Those that have the genital herpes virus or the oral herpes virus will experience an outbreak at various frequencies.  An outbreak is what happens when the virus becomes active in the body again, after a period of inactivity.  During this time, the symptoms of herpes are evident and it is also the most likely time to spread herpes to someone else.

Once the cycle of the outbreak has run it course, the virus lies dormant in the deep tissues of the body for some time.  During these inactive times, the virus does not show any signs of being present and the individual feels and acts fine.  Yet, at any time, another outbreak can happen.

It is likely that individuals that contract herpes will experience an outbreak within the first few months of contracting the disease, but from this point on, there is no evidence available to determine when the next outbreak will occur.  An outbreak is characterized by red, irritated skin that develops into bumps and then into blisters.  The blisters break open, exposing painful sores.  Later, those sores will heal over and the skin will be rebuilt.  The virus then heads into its dormant period.

What About Treatment?

While doctors are developing a herpes vaccine that could help to protect millions of people from the onset of the disease, there are treatment options available current that can also help.  For example, genital herpes medicine is an antiviral which works at keeping the virus dormant.  Since it can help to space out any outbreaks, it lowers the risk factors of those that come into contact with an individual who has herpes.  The virus spreads much easier and faster during an outbreak.  What’s more herpes medication also helps to reduce the intensity of an outbreak, making it less painful, itchy and often less spread throughout the region.

Understanding what is happening to your body is important.  If you have the herpes simplex virus 1 or the herpes simplex virus 2 , getting medical attention can help to prevent from spreading the virus to others that you come into physical contact with.  The virus spreads easily during sexual intercourse or any contact with the genital area during an outbreak.  Oral herpes is even easier to spread such as through kissing or sharing utensils with someone that is having an outbreak of the disease.

In all cases, should there be a herpes simplex vaccine , it will help to prevent others from contracting the disease.  Unfortunately, the studies for promising new vaccines have not been completed yet.  When they do, many expect to see great results in the prevention of herpes.  A herpes vaccine would not help to treat those with the virus currently, but could stop the spread of the disease.


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